Four ways a closer will talk a client out of a sale.

Hey Guys. I am here to speak with you today about some key mistakes to avoid in your daily sales conversations. I hope that you will find these reminders helpful and be able to shift the way in which you are communicating to a more effective and helpful frame. Enjoy.

#1. Relieving the prospects’ pain too soon.

As humans we hate it when others are in pain around us. You can observe this most readily in little children. They can see a parent or sibling crying and they will quite often say, what’s wrong? Let me help, it’s ok.

This is a natural human tendency to relieve the pain of others, none of us likes to stay in pain or be in pain with someone else. However, as a Closer that is where we must be and where we must stay until we have a clear understanding of the full picture.

Just saying it’s okay we can help doesn't work here. First, more than likely, the prospect doesn't really know how bad the problem is yet. Second, he or she is in an emotional state here. We need to keep him or her in this exploration state for a little longer.

If we say “Work with us and all your problems will be solved.” He may be reminded he is on a sales call, and he will go to a logical state of mind and say “You know you're right, life is not that bad. I am good, thanks for the encouragement. Have a great day.”

#2. Hearing a problem but not exploring it.

The strongest motivation that anyone has to take action in response to is pain. The prospect you are on the phone with has a problem, otherwise they wouldn't be on the phone wasting their time talking to you.

If we hear the prospect say that they have a problem, we must remain silent and ask them to describe it, clarify it, explain it. Only after we are sure we can help them, will we transition to where they want to be.

If someone says that they are making $20k a month, we must resist the urge to say to say wow, that’s better than most. If this is a problem for him we need to explore why. How much of this is take home, What is his tax bracket, What are his expenses, Is this consistent month to month or was this his best month ever? How long can he keep living like this? Only after we have explored the pain can we truly understand what he is going through and how it is affecting him.

#3. Sell features not solutions.

As humans, it is way too easy for us to stay stuck in the logical brain. We can help you with this product that does xyz. But, as humans we make decisions emotionally not logically. Just ask all the couples you know why they got married… You get my point. So the same goes for us as Closers. We must find out why someone is looking for our help. What they need our product to do. Why it is so important. What life will look like after we help them.

The great thing is that if we gather all these details, as product experts, we would know right away if we could fix the problem or not. If we can, sign them up. But if we can’t, then we have the opportunity to send them to someone else who can better assist them.

#4. By not shutting up after asking a question

Believe it or not as a closer it is possible to talk to much. We need to remember that this call is about them not us. We are here to diagnose issues like a doctor would diagnose medical problems. We need to check our ego at the door and focus solely on the prospect.

This means that if we ask a question, we then need to shut up. If the prospect understood the question he/she will answer. Only if he/she did not understand will they ask for clarification. So often it is easy to get nervous and asked a question, restate it, clarify it and then ask a second question. This just is too much and will it confuse the prospect and break down our rapport. Hit mute if you need to after asking your question. This will make you focus on your prospect and what he/she is saying.

I hope these tips help you avoid some of the ways I have talked my way out of a sale before. I hope you have a great week of clarity and focus as you seek to help others improve their lives and become the best version of themselves. Have a blessed week guys!

Adam McClary