My Story

     Hello allow me to introduce myself. My name is Adam McClary. Born in the Midwest and raised on a farm in South Dakota. Upon graduating from high school I moved to Texas to attend the International ALERT Academy.

Teck 2.jpg


At Alert I studied and then taught leadership, Emergency medical response and responded as part of a relief team to several natural disasters.


Promoted to Sergeant and awarded 28 separate times

Lead instructor for ALERT EMT Class 45

Eight Disaster Relief deployments in my first two years.


medical mISSIONS

After my education thru Alert was finished I was able to put my new skills to use not only in the USA working as a Paramedic but also in Mexico when I traveled down to serve with Operation Serve International

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Looking for answers

After working as a Paramedic for five years I came to a breaking point. I was frustrated, confused and looking for answers. This lead me to intern on Gabe Browns farm in North Dakota for the summer. I was able to reconnect with my past. Not only did I learn from Mr Brown. I also had the great honor of meeting Allen Savory and having him sign his book.


High ticket closing

This year I found the world of closing. A world where I have the awesome opportunity to change someones life every day. I no longer go to work every day with an empty pit of fear in my stomach. And I know that what I am doing is not only helping others but also helping me to become the best version of who I can be.

I also had the incredible opportunity to attend the first ever Closers in Black. An event hosted by Dan Lok for his High Ticket Closers in Vancouver Canada.